Reviews from Employers and Job Seekers
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From National Recruiter March 2017
Dear Sarah, I want to thank you and your Latcareers team for the amazing client support and services you provide my team and I.   I have attended your Bilingual Diversity career fairs since 2013.  I have moved to another company and kept using your services.   For my new employer, I had a difficult search for a diversity job seeker.   You and your team provided a very creative solution to recruiting this person and within 2 months we found a match.   My team could not believe that I had found this person.   They were amazed by my quick results.   I made sure they were aware that it was your team that helped me.   Thank you for providing me with the solutions, you made me look good with my new employer.   I will keep working with your team.

From Job Seeker March 2017
I found your job board online and was interested in uploading my resume as I am bilingual.   I uploaded my resume and within 2 days I began receiving requests from recruiters.   I had spent numerous hours on other national job boards and had no results.   Thank you for providing a solution for bilinguals.   It was nice learning that employers are interested in my skills.   Thank you all.

From School Director February 2017
I did a google search and found your job board and decided to give you a try to recruit bilingual ELL, ESL teachers in the Texas area.   I posted jobs with your job board and attended one of your career fairs.   I was pretty impressed by the amount of job seekers that we met at the job fair and the job seekers that applied online.   I was able to make 2 hires.   I just want to thank your team because I had spent a lot of my time and money with other job boards and had no results.   Your job board gave me the solution.   I will keep using your job board and will keep recommending you.  Keep up the good work!

From Technology Recruiter January 2017
Latcareers team, my congratulations on your niche job board.   Your information was provided to me by a recruiter at another tech company.   I decided to give you guys a try.   I wanted to reach out to Latino diversity and your job board was a great solution.   The recruitment strategy that you recommended was a good fit for our budget and goals.   I was able to recruit from your job board 42 job seekers to apply for our positions.   We made hires.   Thank you for providing such connection between the employer in need of diversity and the job seeker.

From Job Seeker May 2016
I uploaded my resume on your job board and called your office for support.   I was so shocked to learn that you actually answer job seeker calls.   I spoke to Tanya from your client support team and just want to thank her and your team for assisting me with tips for my resume.   I uploaded my resume and within 1 week, I had 2 interviews scheduled.   Thank you for support

From Recruiter May 2016
I attended the Bilingual Diversity Career Fair in Bellevue, WA.   I was impressed by the quality of job seeker backgrounds and language skills.   I was able to hire 6 full time Bilingual job seekers for our retail team.   I will be attending next year’s career fair.

From Recruiter June 2016 team thank you for inviting me to attend your Bilingual Diversity career fair.   This was my first year attending the event and was pretty happy with the results.   I scheduled over 20 interviews and received over 250 resumes of qualified job seekers for our beverage company.   I have just registered for your 2017 career fairs. 

From Job Seeker June 2017
I saw on television your advertising for your Bilingual Career Fair in Arizona.   I drove for almost one hour to attend this event.   I want to thank you for providing such great opportunity to job seekers.   I met with over 30 employers at your event.   I walked out of the career fair with 2 interviews and contact information for about 10 employers that asked to follow up directly with them.   I received 2 job offers from this event.   I don’t know how to thank you but to write this review about the quality and effectiveness of your services.   It is nice that you have a unique job board for bilingual diversity job seekers.   Thank you so much.

From Talent Acquisition Team Sept. 2016
My team and I would like to thank you for hosting us at your Bilingual Diversity Career fair in Albuquerque, NM.   This was our second time attending your events.   We returned to the career fair because we had great results at the previous events.   We hired a bilingual recruiter, and 5 bilingual customer service representatives at this event.   Please invite us to your next event.

From Sales Recruiter  October 2016
Thank you Latcareers for introducing your job board to my company.   As a sales recruiter, I struggle to find bilingual sales representatives nationwide.   I used your job posting and advertising and was pleased with the results.   I had over 20 applicants submit their resumes to my first job posting within the first 2 business days.   I highly recommend your job board to any recruiter in need of recruiting bilingual and diversity job seekers.

From Job Seeker December  2016
I am a college senior and wanted to feel out the employment market.  A friend gave me your job board as an option to upload my resume.   I uploaded my resume and began receiving interest emails from employers interested in talking to me.   By my graduation time, I had a job offer with a very solid employer.   When I uploaded my resume with your job board, I had also uploaded my resume with 3 other national job boards.   It was interesting that I received employer’s interest from your job board.   I asked recruiters why they contacted me from latcareers and not the other job boards and they said that latcareers was niche for Bilingual Diversity job seekers.   They needed a diversity job seeker and they knew my resume was a match.    I guess my resume in large national job boards just got lost among the many job seekers.   Your job board helped me land my first job.   I just want you to know it means the world to me.   Thank you