Virtual Online Job Fairs: The Perfect Solution for Your Job Search in 2020

Virtual Online Job Fairs

The COVID-19 pandemic was certainly something that shook up the economy since the beginning of 2020. With millions of people going on unemployment due to the virus and the majority of businesses migrating to digital operations, it is safe to say people are taking extra cautionary measures as society starts entering into the reopening phases. But with the reopening of business also comes the inevitable fact that millions are going to need jobs again. With this fact, virtual online job fairs are the prime solution to utilize for the job searching process. Fortunately, the contemporary and need I say safest way to meet with employers is through a virtual online job fair.

What Are Virtual Job Fairs?

It is no secret that traditional in person job fairs have been around for years to help people with their job search. With the rise of the digital age, there is a new, more effective way to attend those fairs to scope out opportunities. Virtual job fairs are structured entirely online, allowing you to converse with potential employers from all across the country without you needing to leave your home, perfect for complying with social distancing guidelines. They are easy to attend, are hassle-free and the ideal way for you to get yourself back into the workforce in 2020 and 2021 in a safe way.

The Top Benefits of Attending Virtual Online Job Fairs

Though I touched upon it a bit above, there are some incredible benefits that come with attending an online job fair. For instance, you never have to worry about travel or travel expenses going this route. There is no running around an airport, traffic jams on the highway, or getting home late because of the distances from the physical location. And you do not incur parking fees! All of that can be avoided completely. Some other pros include:

  • You can choose who to chat with: Unlike in-person fairs where you need to wander around the venue to seek out an opportunity, virtual job fairs allow you to see the virtual exhibit of all the booths and their descriptions before entering in. This gives you a pre-screening advantage to know for sure if you want to engage or not with that employer.
  • Fewer Distractions: Typical job fairs are noisy, crowded, and ultimately distracting when you are trying to have a serious conversation with a recruiter or a potential employer. With online, you can have those one-on-one, obstacle-free conversations with respected people via video or text, without worry that you will lose your train of thought with the chaos around you.
  • It is Safer: COVID-19 is still a cause of concern in society today. There is still no vaccine out yet, and every day the stats are still rising on confirmed cases. But, despite that, you still need money to live. Taking the online path is the best way to keep your distance from others during this uncertain time and still work towards finding your ideal job.


Virtual job fairs play a fundamental role in job searching and should be leveraged during the unsteady times of 2020 and beyond. They are much less time consuming, cheaper and the contemporary way to meet and ultimately be hired by employers. Remember, even with the pandemic, the business of life still goes on.

So, if you are someone looking for a job right now, don’t underestimate the power of online job fairs. You will be connected with matching employers from all across your city, state and the country and do so from the comfort of your home. In the end, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose by attending them.

Visit Latcareers to view the Virtual Diversity Job Fair Calendar for 2020 and 2021 Reviews Hundreds of Toy Requests for Annual Holiday Toy Drive reviews hundreds of toy requests from families each December as part of their Annual Toy Drive to decide which families will benefit from the toys the most.  This year is the 15th year has partnered with their clients nationwide to provide toys for children of families in need. has been leading the Puerto Rican Recruitment Effort for those displaced by the Hurricane this year in Puerto Rico find jobs on the mainland. has assisted more than 3700 Puerto Ricans find jobs in just the past sixty days.  This included providing job search assistance, assistance with finding temporary housing and assistance with travel to interview with employers.  Given the success of the viral You Tube Video that produced regarding the Puerto Rico Hurricane, the video has received nearly 20 Thousand Views.  Puerto Ricans have been visiting the website and searching jobs and posting their resume in overwhelming numbers.

One of the families receiving toys is the Rodriguez family of Ponce, Puerto Rico.  They are receiving toys donated by and its sponsors.  Carmen Rodriquez states, “We did not know where to turn as our family had lost everything in the Hurricane.  We decided to make a life changing decision to come to New York City to stay with some relatives.  With little money and no jobs my husband and I moved our three kids.  We saw the video posted about the Hurricane employment relief with and contacted them.  We were able to both find jobs within less than a month and have enrolled our kids in elementary school and are now working.  We also are receiving toys for our kids which will make a big difference this holiday as we try to rebuild our lives here in New York.  Thank you to the team for all your help and for making the holiday season now bright for our family”.

Rubicela Acosta, CEO of Latcareers states, “We are proud this year again to partner with our sponsors to provide happiness in the form of toys to those families who have been displaced by this life changing event.  Our team has been working tirelessly for the past months to help each career seeker find employment.  We would like to thank our sponsors for not only providing employment for those in need but for supporting us for our 15th year of providing toys for those families in need as part of our Annual Holiday Toy Drive”.

Career seekers interested in searching career opportunities may visit

About is the industry leader for the recruitment of Bilingual, Latino and Diversity in the U.S. As a niche job board, we have the only nationally scalable bilingual diversity recruitment platform for both Digital and Career Fairs with coverage in 90 U.S. Cities. With over 15 years in business, we work with the top employers nationwide to connect them with career seekers online through our job board and in person at over 200 annual Bilingual and Diversity Career Fairs in 90 U.S. Cities. For more information contact Leading the Puerto Rico Disaster Relief Employment Initiative

Bilingual Diversity Jobs

Puerto Rico Disaster Relief Employment Initiative

Puerto Rico Disaster Relief Employment Initiative

Bilingual Latino Career Company to spearhead the Puerto Rico Disaster Relief Employment Initiative to assist Puerto Ricans with employment opportunities the largest Bilingual & Diversity Recruitment website in the US has spearheaded the Puerto Rico Disaster Relief Employment Initiative. is working with various employer organizations to host strategic career fairs in New York (October 19, 2017), Washington DC (October 26, 2017), Boston (November 2, 2017) and Philadelphia (November 9, 2017) be part of the Puerto Rico relief effort.  These free career fairs for displaced Puerto Ricans residing in these cities are to bring together both employers who are providing job opportunities to displaced Puerto Ricans that have traveled to live with relatives mostly along the Mid Atlantic and Northeast where there are large Puerto Rican Communities.  They number in the tens of thousands and the numbers are growing.

The largest population of Puerto Ricans outside of Puerto Rico is the area between Boston and Washington DC.  This area is home to more than 1.5 Million Puerto Ricans according to the US Census. “Being that we are the most established Latino, Bilingual and Diversity Job Board in the US we are compelled to lead this effort” states Rubicela Acosta, CEO of “This is our 14th year of having these Bilingual and Diversity Career Fairs and we understand the importance of our organization leading the effort to find permanent employment for the tens of thousands of these displaced professionals and citizens who have now come to the mainland” states Rubicela Acosta, CEO of  “Our team has been working tirelessly over the past few weeks to find career opportunities for these displaced professionals that want to re-establish themselves on the mainland given the devastation in Puerto Rico. has conducted a poll of over 2500 Puerto Rican career seekers that have come to the mainland since the hurricane and more than 73% of these Puerto Ricans plan to stay and not return to Puerto Rico.”  Ms. Acosta states, “This is a storm of historical precedence and proportions not only in the devastation, but also in the opportunity.  Employers now have the opportunity to reach highly educated Puerto Ricans that in the past would not have taken their talent to the mainland, but now are forced to as the Puerto Rican economy has come to a standstill”.  Ms. Acosta added, “We will continue these efforts to support these displaced workers for the remainder of this year and into the 1st Quarter of 2018 and invite all displaced workers to visit our website and upload their resume and plan to attend these events to assist them in their job search”.  This effort by follows other efforts by other prominent Latino organizations and celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Mark Anthony and Alex Rodriguez to raise awareness as well as support Puerto Ricans as they try to put their lives back together.

Employers wishing to support the Latcareers Puerto Rico Disaster Relief Employment Initiative should contact Pablo Camacho at 360-459-1139

Career seekers wishing to attend the career fairs or search for career opportunities should visit


About is the industry leader for the recruitment of Bilingual, Latino and Diversity in the U.S. As a niche job board, we have the only nationally scalable bilingual diversity recruitment platform for both Digital and Career Fairs with coverage in 90 U.S. Cities. With over 15 years in business, we work with the top employers nationwide to connect them with career seekers online through our job board and in person at over 200 annual Bilingual and Diversity Career Fairs in 90 U.S. Cities. For more information contact to host 14th Annual Bilingual and Diversity Career Fair in Denver October 12, 2017

Amazon and many employers to recruit Bilingual and Diverse job seekers at annual career fair in Denver

The 14th annual Bilingual and Diversity Career Fair is set to take place in Denver, Colorado on October 12, 2017.  The event is hosted by leading bilingual and diversity job board and career fair company,  The annual niche career fair attracts hundreds of local career seekers and top employers from the business and Industry, government, Education and the non-profit sector.

Denver has one of the lowest jobless rates in the country at 2.4 percent vs. 4.3 percent nationally as updated by the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment in June 2017.   With such a low unemployment rate, employers in all industries are struggling to reach career seekers and fill their open career opportunities.   One of the hardest labor pools to tap is Bilingual job seekers in the Denver area.  Bilingual career seekers are sought after and employers are providing strong career benefit packages to lure this hard to recruit talent.   Some employers are responding by increasing pay and offering sign on bonuses in order to recruit bilingual talent.

The small available labor pool in Denver reflects the potential strength of the local economy and also mirrors the challenges that employers are experiencing nationwide to recruit Bilingual career seekers.   With such a high demand for this niche talent pool, employers including Amazon, Liberty Mutual, Prudential, Walgreens and many others are partnering with to recruit at our bilingual and diversity career fairs in Denver and nationwide.  “We strategically partner with our clients to execute their diversity employment strategies and to provide them a solution in recruiting Bilingual career seekers” states Rubicela Acosta, CEO

Employers including Amazon, Walgreens, Federal Reserve, SR Originals, Aflac, Devry, Liberty Mutual, Verizon Wireless, Macy’s and many others will be recruiting at this event.  Career seekers are encouraged to register to attend the career fair and to dress for interviews and bring resumes with them to the event.   The career fair is free to all job seekers.  All job seekers are invited to attend.

To register career seekers must visit and upload their resume.


About is the industry leader for the recruitment of Bilingual, Latino and Diversity in the US.   As a niche job board, we have the only nationally scalable bilingual diversity recruitment platform for both Digital and Career Fairs with coverage in 90 US Cities.  With over 15 years in business, we work with the top employers nationwide to connect them with career seekers online through our job board and in person at over 200 annual Bilingual and Diversity Career Fairs in 90 US Cities.  For more information contact


Amazing Teacher Jobs Growth are in Bilingual Education

Our world is evolving. Advances in technology are bringing the corners of the world together and we need bilingual teachers more than ever! Teacher jobs are focusing more on educators that are multi-lingual. Schools are recruiting a greater number of educators with multiple language skills, expanding the field of education to include a broader knowledge base and trying to bridge the gaps in communication that emerge when people from diverse cultures are trying to exchange ideas.

It has long been difficult to merge cultures in the classrooms because there were simply not enough teachers grounded in more than one culture. Technology has taken many families to foreign shores and they want to learn about their new home. Now schools had to address a growing, knowledge thirsty community of many lifestyles and they needed staff with the same. The search was on for a new generation of educators with a broader set of skills. The question now being asked more frequently is, “How do we meet the needs of so many with so few?”

Bilingual Spanish teacher jobs are in great demand these days. Latino populations in this country have been steadily rising, and children speaking more than one language in the house are becoming more prevalent. Schools have realized that having teachers knowledgeable about cultural diversity, from actually having lived it, would be a benefit to everyone.

The need for bilingual teachers was increasing and, here in the United States, students began to see ESL (English as Second Language) classes offered in higher education institutions and a surge in Bilingual teacher recruitment began to rise. The ability to offer a wider range of classes to a broader section of people helps schools to improve their student base and quality of instruction. Language immersion classes are also starting to proliferate, but without the teachers to pass along this knowledge, the number of offerings suffers.

Some countries are taking steps to bring talent to where they need it. Programs offered from many countries are asking people to travel and teach their native language! The Chinese government is recruiting foreign language teachers and offering living quarters and a stipend for them to come teach in China. I know a young man preparing for his teaching job in China, and he knows no Chinese. It was not a prerequisite that he know how to speak Chinese! They see the need for linguistic diversity! The nephew’s basic needs of shelter and food are no longer an issue and he only has to focus on teaching. This is only one example of the offerings that await a prospective educator willing to travel to teach.

A bilingual teacher has many exciting opportunities available these days. Schools are actively recruiting bilingual teachers, expanding their curriculum to accommodate the growing number of multi-lingual students and enticing educators from afar to travel in exchange for housing and expenses! If you have skills in more than one language and a desire to share that knowledge, you owe yourself a look at all possibilities.