Virtual Online Job Fairs: The Perfect Solution for Your Job Search in 2020

Virtual Online Job Fairs

The COVID-19 pandemic was certainly something that shook up the economy since the beginning of 2020. With millions of people going on unemployment due to the virus and the majority of businesses migrating to digital operations, it is safe to say people are taking extra cautionary measures as society starts entering into the reopening phases. But with the reopening of business also comes the inevitable fact that millions are going to need jobs again. Continue reading Reviews Hundreds of Toy Requests for Annual Holiday Toy Drive reviews hundreds of toy requests from families each December as part of their Annual Toy Drive to decide which families will benefit from the toys the most.  This year is the 15th year has partnered with their clients nationwide to provide toys for children of families in need. has been leading the Puerto Rican Recruitment Effort for those displaced by the Hurricane this year in Puerto Rico find jobs on the mainland. Continue reading