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Indianapolis, IN
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Full time
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Utility Helper

Under indirect supervision, and on assigned shifts the Utility Helper will perform any of the following basic water and gas functions; off orders or cathodic protection reads or ERT installations or meter verifications or meter paints.  The Utility Helper could work with other utility personnel as part of a crew. 

 Key Responsibilities & Expectations:
  • Receives and processes orders via CAD
  • Performs water and gas off orders
  • Performs “basic” water and gas functions (i.e. meter verifications, ERTs, paints, removals (water))
  • Reports irregularities and abnormal conditions that arise in the course of the work (gas and water).
  • Performs the necessary paperwork in connection with assigned duties
  • Maintains proper truck inventory.
  • Operates a truck in a safe and efficient manner in accordance with the Utility’s safety policies and practices, and with local and state laws and regulations.
  • Performs other duties as required.
Qualifications & Requirements:
  • Must be capable of receiving orders and instructions (both verbally and via CAD system) and conversing on two-way radio equipment.
  • Must be able to analyze and interpret maps, work orders, specifications, and sketches in office and field settings.
  • Must achieve a score of 98% on the MeterPro Meter reading testing software (must read 98 out of 100 meters correct in a non-timed test) or pass an equivalent test for meter reading accuracy. 
  • Must be thorough and accurate, have the ability to conduct investigations, and be able to make complete and detailed reports, both oral and written, on findings.
  • Must have and maintain a valid Indiana driver’s license
  • Completion of required OQ qualifications     
  • Must pass and participate in the random Drug & Alcohol program in accordance with Pipeline Hazardous Material Safety Administrative (PHMSA) Regulations 49 CFR Part 199 (PHMSA drug and alcohol testing regulation) and 49 CFR Part 40 (DOT drug and alcohol testing regulations).
 Training Summary:
The Utility Helper will be given the opportunity to learn the below listed functions in order to prepare the employee for future vacancies above the line in Water, Gas, and Shared Field Services. 
  •  The Utility Helper will be provided an opportunity to gain a CDL license and will be qualified in plastic pipe fusion.
  • Gain general knowledge of the methods, techniques and principles associated with general operations, maintenance of equipment or assets in the gas and water distribution system.
  •  Gain general knowledge of materials, meters, equipment and tools used to maintain water and gas distribution systems.
  • Gain knowledge of leak pinpoint for mains and services on gas and water distribution systems.
  • Gain knowledge of obtaining pipe to soil potential readings.
  • Gain knowledge of line locating.
  • May perform system leak surveys as needed.
  • May perform pipe to soil potential readings as needed.
  • May perform on Water and Gas Maintenance Crews as needed.
  • May perform valve and hydrant operations as needed with Valve and Hydrant Mechanic.
Skills based training (within 60-90 days):
  • Pipe fusion training/testing
  • CDL training/testing
 On the job training:
  • Training will be provided in order to fulfill Training Opportunities listed above. 
  • Employees will rotate to different Training Opportunities in order to enhanced skills and gain experience on the job exposure.  
Qualified External Applicants should log in to www.Citizensenergygroup.com, select “Our Company” then select “Careers”.  Candidates should search for vacant position, create an account and upload their resume by the deadline.   
Posting Date:             Wednesday, September 15, 2021
Deadline Date:           Open
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