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eMenu International is a NYC -Israeli based company that is active across 13 countries worldwide. After global success we set up our NYC headquarters where in less than three and a half years we've become the leading company in its field, with the largest number of accounts in the metro area.
Our team works with world class companies as well as independent establishments. We are committed to generating value to our clients and leading an evolution in the restaurant eco system by replacing paper menus with digital resources and taking the restaurants' wine lists to the next step. Specifically, we specialize in producing efficient and aesthetically pleasing food and wine menus. Our main goal is to positively impact full service restaurants and hospitality business.'
We're a growing company whose interested in expanding their sales department. An ideal candidate is someone with experience in sales who attributes positive thinking, self-confidence, enthusiasm, product knowledge and a never give up mentality. Someone willing to knock on many doors with a smile and efficiently communicate the benefits of our service. Previous business and personal contact with restaurants owners is a beneficial factor to be successful in this role.

Our client demographic is focused on NJ and NYC boroughs and in it's surrounding areas: NJ, Update NY, Long Island.

* Having access to a personal vehicle to commute is a plus.

We are looking for:

  • Knowledge about wines (all over the world)
  • Positive attitude
  • Strong work ethic
  • Excellent oral communication skills
  • Capability to self-mange schedule in an optimal way
  • Effective self-management skills, specifically time management and territory call planning
  • Demonstrates entrepreneurial spirit when seeking out new accounts
  • Projects a professional appearance while being resourceful, friendly and persistent with restaurant decision makers.
  • Knowledgeable of competitive sales tactics and open-minded to try new sales tactics to become better
  • Is attentive to the specific needs of potential clients and caters to each clients preferences
  • Capable of doing quick math calculations, using data facts and figures, IRI, etc. in order to correctly make persuasive sales presentations and efficiently communicate the value of the solutions in terms of money.
  • Overcomes objections raised during a sales presentation
  • Ability to create quick rapport - mental connection with the potential client.
  • Is up to date and knowledgeable of new platforms in the tech world
  • Can effectively maintain relationships with clients in order to receive referrals
  • Can conduct weekly office meetings to report progress
  • Can work flexible hours which may include late evening hours, when needed
  • Capable of closing deals at time of visit
  • Always looking for new opportunities that fit eMenu's way of doing business.
  • Industry References (at least one)

Minimum Qualifications:

  • College graduates are preferred but if you impress us - High School Diploma/GED is sufficient.
  • 1-3 years of restaurant-related sales experience with any product that is being directly sold.
  • Residence in NJ
  • Must be at least 21 years old
  • Holds a valid driver's license (NY, NJ)
  • Goal oriented, focused, and assertive who needs a little direction or supervision
  • Willingness to learn eMenu's sales methodology and tactics and implement it in their own sales style
What we offer:
  • We provide a very competitive commission package and depending on the situation, full coverage of expenses + base salary.
  • Excellent growth potential as we grow and enter more markets in other states
  • You will be provided with a cutting edge sales app, training for ultra-efficient sales, and management support (help with demos, important meetings, etc)
  • eMenu International may also sponsor employees for employment-based visas for this position in the future
  • If you are interested in growth opportunities that simultaneously impact the industry, the environment, and communities in a positive way, we invite you to apply.
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