Postdoctoral Fellow - Tumor Cell Biology

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Job Title: Postdoctoral Fellow - Tumor Cell Biology

Company/School: Knight Cancer Institute, Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU)

The Oshimori Laboratory focuses on understanding cellular and molecular mechanisms of tumor progression and resistance to cancer treatment. To dissect interactions between stem- like neoplastic cells and tumor microenvironments, we undertake multidimensional approaches, including in vivo squamous cell carcinoma mouse model combined with fluorescent signaling reporters, mouse genetics, transcriptomics, immunological analysis, and in vitro cell biological assays. An ideal candidate will work both independently and closely with the PI, who has significant research experience in tumor biology using animal model, tumor immunology, and/or
high-throughput sequencing analysis.

Relevant publications:
1. Oshimori, N. et al. TGF-? promotes heterogeneity and drug resistance in squamous cell
carcinoma. Cell 160, 963-976 (2015).
2. Oshimori, N. et al. The harmonies played by TGF-? in stem cell biology. Cell Stem Cell 11,
751-764 (2012) Review.

Education, training, experience:

Applicant must have a PhD or MD/PhD and have excellent written and verbal communication skills. Ideal candidates should have no more than 1 year of postdoctoral experience and are expected to compete for internal and external funding. First authorship on at least one paper in a peer-reviewed English language journal is required. Experience with model organisms, cell culture, tissue histology, and flow cytometry/FACS is preferable. Highly motivated candidates should directly email to:

Naoki Oshimori, PhD, Principal Investigator
Assistant Professor in the Department of Cell, Developmental and Cancer Biology
Knight Cancer Institute, Oregon Health & Science University

Please do not forget to mention Bio Careers when applying.

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Oregon Health & Science University