Career Opportunity Right Out of High School: Bilingual Call Center Representative

Bilingual CallIf you are looking for a job right after your high school then call center jobs may be a good option for you. Entry level positions at Call Centers are perfect for career seekers that wish to work while attending college or simply want a job right out of High School. Although many Call Centers require a College degree for some of the Call Center positions, there are those that will look at hiring High School graduates if you are bilingual.

Below are 3 reasons for choosing Bilingual Call Center Representative positons:
Flexible Schedule:
Flexible schedules are a perk of Bilingual Call Center Representative.  When looking at these types of positions you will see that schedules will vary. Many companies offer weekend schedules or evening schedules. In many cases you can request to work different schedules to meet your needs.

Communicate with People:  
The main role of a bilingual call center agent is to communicate with people.  You may have to assist customers on the phone to provide customer service support, technical support or billing support. The great advantage of this position is that you will always work on your communication skills and your ability to troubleshoot. These types of career opportunities will provide you with experience and character in such a way that you are able to deal properly in any situation including a fast paced situation.

Training for future positions:
As a recent High School graduate your skills and professional experience is very limited.  Typically, High School graduates see their first job as an income provider and not as an opportunity to receive training for future positions. As a Bilingual call center agent, you will benefit from many skills and training that will benefit you in future positions. Some of the skills for example are computer skills, telephone skills, network skills, social skills in a corporate environment and customer service skills.

Call Centers have computer programs that go beyond basic and many of the employers will provide training to learn these programs.  This is a skill that you can later use for other positions.  These large employers will also train you to use their extensive telephone systems. These are not regular phones that we use at home. Because call centers are very large and need to handle a large volume of calls, you will be trained on how to use the phone system.

Finally, due to the size of the call centers you will learn and acquire the ability to network with co-workers and managers and develop your social skills in a corporate environment. Learning to Network with co-workers or managers or clients will help you as they may become mentors later in your life or they may recommend you for other positions or additional training.  As you learn how to network you will also begin developing social skills required in corporate settings. These skills will be very different than those you learned in High School. Networking and social skills are essential to your success in future employment positions and to advance in your careers.

If you are Bilingual or you are a High School student or recent graduate consider your first job opportunity not only as income you will earn but as an opportunity that will shape your professional career.

Consider attending one of our Bilingual Latino & Diversity career fairs coming up to begin your first career search.