Spanish/English – How Fluency in Two Languages Helps Your Career Bilingual Jobs -Spanish Jobs

Why should you put in the effort to perfect a second language? Being bilingual opens a ton of career opportunities for you! Jobs that require bilingual employees are growing at a rate faster than other jobs, no matter the field. Spanish is consistently one of the top three languages needed in bilingual careers.

There are multiple fields that want someone who can speak and write both Spanish and English fluently.


Medical interpretation is a growing field. It is important for patients and their families to understand what is going on with their health and healthcare. Hospitals hire medical interpreters to help them understand; the medical vocabulary is specialized. Health care facilities also look for bilingual nurses, bilingual doctors, bilingual medical assistants, bilingual therapists, and support staff to help patients communicate about and understand their healthcare.


Bilingual employees are important in all areas of banking as well. They are needed for international banking services, as well as for individual customers who want to be able to discuss their finances with their bank. People seeking mortgages and loans are more likely to feel comfortable and to be able to trust banking facilities where they are able to do business in their primary language. The most common positions in need of bilinguals include bilingual customer service, bilingual loan officers, and bilingual sales executive and bilingual banking managers.

Customer Service

Bilingual employees are important in all types of customer service.  Customers who call their utility company need to be able to communicate clearly. Customers who call for tech support will seek out providers who have Spanish-speaking support staff. Cell phone providers, business sales, help lines, even just shopping at a store or going out to eat – customers will return to businesses that are able to speak their language, literally.   Bilingual customer service jobs are increasing.

Social Services

Hospital social workers, case managers, mental health workers, child protective workers, and agencies that provide access to support systems are in high need of bilingual employees. People who work in social services help and guide vulnerable people through some of the highest-stress life situations they experience. It is incredibly reassuring for the consumers to be able to speak the language they are most familiar with, instead of struggling to discuss already-overwhelming matters in an unfamiliar tongue.

Jobs that require bilingual employees are growing at a rate faster than other jobs, no matter the field. Law offices, industrial facilities, warehousing, construction, real estate, education, and web developers all are seeking employees who can communicate fluently in multiple languages.

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