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Percent of Women in Transportation Jobs across the United States Is Rising and They Face Many Challenges

Women Transportation JobsThe Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) says that in June 2014 the number of people working in transportation jobs in the US was 4618,500. Compared to the recession, this represents an increase of 501,300 jobs, which is equivalent to 12 per cent. Compared to the peak that the industry reached in April 2008 before the financial crisis struck, this represents an increase of almost 58 thousand jobs. Continue reading

Career Opportunity Right Out of High School: Bilingual Call Center Representative

Bilingual CallIf you are looking for a job right after your high school then call center jobs may be a good option for you. Entry level positions at Call Centers are perfect for career seekers that wish to work while attending college or simply want a job right out of High School. Although many Call Centers require a College degree for some of the Call Center positions, there are those that will look at hiring High School graduates if you are bilingual. Continue reading

Bilingual Customer Service Representative Among The Best Careers

Bilingual Customer ServiceReady to join a fast growing profession?  Become a Bilingual Customer Service Representative. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment in customer service to grow 12.6 percent between now and 2022 and for Bilingual Customer Service Representative the growth is double the amount.

Bilingual Language abilities including Spanish fluency plays, a key role in landing these types of positions and most importantly in advancing a career.   The demand is high for a Bilingual Spanish-English fluent person in the US as there is a very strong consumer purchasing power from the Hispanic consumer.  The Hispanic consumer in the US has a strong appetite for products and services and it is growing.  Many companies are increasing their marketing efforts to the Hispanic community in the US and with these efforts there is an increase for the need to provide customer service in Spanish. Continue reading