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Tips for Resume Writing to Apply for Government Jobs

Government Jobs

When you are applying for a particular government job post, you need to remember that it is quite different from applying for jobs in private sector. You will in fact need to take an entirely different approach while developing your resume so that your application is taken seriously.

Here are some of the basic concepts that you need to remember while creating your resume for government jobs.

Keep it simple and traditional:
If you are planning to send a printed resume and cover letter, then it is best if you stick to a traditional look instead of making it too fancy or modern. While it is true that certain private employers love uniquely designed resumes, government officials generally prefer a rather classic look. This means that you need to go with a neutral-colored paper, a traditional typeface as well as a conventional letter structure that relates the positions that you have held and all of your achievements.

Be sure to follow the application process closely:
The hiring managers at the government offices deal with the lists of candidates quite differently than what is usual in private sector. Hence it is important that you follow the entire selection process very closely. Some jobs have down-to-the-hour deadlines when candidates need to apply; others may involve background checks. If applying for certain jobs need you to fill out specific forms, then make sure that you do so. Skipping an important step or failing to provide with a certain detail can lead to your resume being rejected or ignored. Hence make sure that you read job description carefully and include all supplemental materials that are needed with the application.

Be as detailed as possible
Be as thorough as possible while presenting a review on your education and work, and do not hesitate to use more number of pages. Do not leave out anything and mention every minute detail. Share all the details and even if you have to keep a track of how many pages or words you are using, remember to present a crystal clear picture of your background so as to make your resume a strong one.

Keep a track of the language you are using in your resume
Usually, it is important to match job descriptions exactly as it is presented in a listing to prove your eligibility for a job as well as your relevance to a human reader and also an automated talent screening program. This is particularly true when sending applications for a government job post. The government jobs frequently use different terminologies than the private companies. However, it is important that you speak their language while you land on a job in the government offices. For example, a graphic design section in a government office may use older programs like Dreamweaver or Flash while private companies would prefer working with tools like Sketch and Github. Do not remove any progressive skills that you may have from your resume, but do not forget to add older technical skills to match the requirements of the job description better.

You will also need to customize your job titles to suit government job descriptions better, such as changing the title “community manager” to a “social media manager”.

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