Child Crisis Intervention Specialist

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Cleveland, OH
Health Care
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Full time

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Under general supervision and working as part of the Child Mobile Crisis Team (CMCT), performs crisis screening, hotline, referral/information and enrollment services to children who present in need of mental health services. Provides mobile crisis assessment and crisis intervention services to children and adults who present in a mental health crisis. Makes treatment recommendations, and develops, completes and monitors individualized service plans (ISPs). Coordinates the utilization of other County funded crisis and emergency services. Completes and maintains service documentation according to agency and regulatory standards.

  1. Conducts crisis assessments that are sensitive and responsive to client cultural and ethnic backgrounds, functioning and needs, as well as environmental and situational factors by collecting and evaluating client information.
  2. Formulates diagnoses according to DSM-IV criteria by gathering, organizing, documenting and analysing all input sources. Communicates results of assessments and makes recommendations.
  3. Conducts crisis intervention services through prompt utilization of organization and community resources including other service providers.
  4. Ensures that services are performed and documented in accordance with established policies, procedures and other pertinent protocols of the agency, the Ohio Department of Mental Health administrative rules and any other pertinent regulations.
  5. Develops and monitors individualized service plans (ISPs) by establishing treatment goals and determining treatment methodologies.
  6. Monitors the progress toward treatment goals and effectiveness of interventions by evaluating and adjusting services.
  7. Assists clients and family members in decision-making by providing information about service choices.
  8. Ensures crisis resolution and follow-up by conducting ongoing needs assessments, and recommending and coordinating services.
  9. Promotes prompt delivery of ongoing services by collaborating with healthcare providers in service planning.

Qualifications: LSW or Independent LPC or LPCC, Bachelor's degree in social work, psychology, sociology or related field, with a minimum of one year professionally supervised work in the delivery of mental health, chemical dependency and/or social services. Valid Ohio drivers license and less than 6 points.

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