Amazing Teacher Jobs Growth are in Bilingual Education

Our world is evolving. Advances in technology are bringing the corners of the world together and we need bilingual teachers more than ever! Teacher jobs are focusing more on educators that are multi-lingual. Schools are recruiting a greater number of educators with multiple language skills, expanding the field of education to include a broader knowledge base and trying to bridge the gaps in communication that emerge when people from diverse cultures are trying to exchange ideas.

It has long been difficult to merge cultures in the classrooms because there were simply not enough teachers grounded in more than one culture. Technology has taken many families to foreign shores and they want to learn about their new home. Now schools had to address a growing, knowledge thirsty community of many lifestyles and they needed staff with the same. The search was on for a new generation of educators with a broader set of skills. The question now being asked more frequently is, “How do we meet the needs of so many with so few?”

Bilingual Spanish teacher jobs are in great demand these days. Latino populations in this country have been steadily rising, and children speaking more than one language in the house are becoming more prevalent. Schools have realized that having teachers knowledgeable about cultural diversity, from actually having lived it, would be a benefit to everyone.

The need for bilingual teachers was increasing and, here in the United States, students began to see ESL (English as Second Language) classes offered in higher education institutions and a surge in Bilingual teacher recruitment began to rise. The ability to offer a wider range of classes to a broader section of people helps schools to improve their student base and quality of instruction. Language immersion classes are also starting to proliferate, but without the teachers to pass along this knowledge, the number of offerings suffers.

Some countries are taking steps to bring talent to where they need it. Programs offered from many countries are asking people to travel and teach their native language! The Chinese government is recruiting foreign language teachers and offering living quarters and a stipend for them to come teach in China. I know a young man preparing for his teaching job in China, and he knows no Chinese. It was not a prerequisite that he know how to speak Chinese! They see the need for linguistic diversity! The nephew’s basic needs of shelter and food are no longer an issue and he only has to focus on teaching. This is only one example of the offerings that await a prospective educator willing to travel to teach.

A bilingual teacher has many exciting opportunities available these days. Schools are actively recruiting bilingual teachers, expanding their curriculum to accommodate the growing number of multi-lingual students and enticing educators from afar to travel in exchange for housing and expenses! If you have skills in more than one language and a desire to share that knowledge, you owe yourself a look at all possibilities.

Spanish/English – How Fluency in Two Languages Helps Your Career Bilingual Jobs -Spanish Jobs

Why should you put in the effort to perfect a second language? Being bilingual opens a ton of career opportunities for you! Jobs that require bilingual employees are growing at a rate faster than other jobs, no matter the field. Spanish is consistently one of the top three languages needed in bilingual careers.

There are multiple fields that want someone who can speak and write both Spanish and English fluently.


Medical interpretation is a growing field. It is important for patients and their families to understand what is going on with their health and healthcare. Hospitals hire medical interpreters to help them understand; the medical vocabulary is specialized. Health care facilities also look for bilingual nurses, bilingual doctors, bilingual medical assistants, bilingual therapists, and support staff to help patients communicate about and understand their healthcare.


Bilingual employees are important in all areas of banking as well. They are needed for international banking services, as well as for individual customers who want to be able to discuss their finances with their bank. People seeking mortgages and loans are more likely to feel comfortable and to be able to trust banking facilities where they are able to do business in their primary language. The most common positions in need of bilinguals include bilingual customer service, bilingual loan officers, and bilingual sales executive and bilingual banking managers.

Customer Service

Bilingual employees are important in all types of customer service.  Customers who call their utility company need to be able to communicate clearly. Customers who call for tech support will seek out providers who have Spanish-speaking support staff. Cell phone providers, business sales, help lines, even just shopping at a store or going out to eat – customers will return to businesses that are able to speak their language, literally.   Bilingual customer service jobs are increasing.

Social Services

Hospital social workers, case managers, mental health workers, child protective workers, and agencies that provide access to support systems are in high need of bilingual employees. People who work in social services help and guide vulnerable people through some of the highest-stress life situations they experience. It is incredibly reassuring for the consumers to be able to speak the language they are most familiar with, instead of struggling to discuss already-overwhelming matters in an unfamiliar tongue.

Jobs that require bilingual employees are growing at a rate faster than other jobs, no matter the field. Law offices, industrial facilities, warehousing, construction, real estate, education, and web developers all are seeking employees who can communicate fluently in multiple languages.

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LATCAREERS.COM celebrates its Thirteenth Year of having this event in Long Beach.     LATCAREERS.COM began the year with its first fair in New York City on February 15, 2017  which drew over 470 career seeker attendees.  For the Long Beach event, employers include Fortune 100 Companies, Government Agencies, School Districts as well as Non-Profits.

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The Long Beach Career Fair will be held next to the Long Beach Airport.  The career fairs are free to all career seekers. Career seekers are encouraged to register before the career fair at and to visit the website to view event logistics. Career seekers may also better prepare for the event by visiting the Bilingual recruitment career advice blog.

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The Best 5 Ways to get your resume ready for your job hunt in 2017

Submit your resume! These are very common words for the career seeker. As common as these words are in the world of job hunting, so are the common mistakes made by career seekers. The biggest mistake made by career seekers is to not having an updated resume that focuses on the target job. To those career seekers that still believe that one resume will work for all jobs here are the best 5 ways to get your resume ready.
1. Format your resume to match the job description and job title
The goal of the career seekers when submitting the resume is to get the attention of the recruiter and landing an interview (either the phone interview or in person interview). The goal of the recruiter is to narrow the career seeker applicant pool to the most qualified so that he/she is not wasting time. The only way the career seeker will get the attention of the recruiter and become part of the final applicant pool is by properly and effectively formatting the resume to match the job description. In simple words, carefully read the job description (not just the job title)!

Here are the questions the career seeker needs to keep in mind when reading the job description: Do I have the skills that this position requires? Do I have the professional experience that the job requires? Am I qualified to do this job? Have I had an experience at my previous jobs that would closely match the qualifications? Do I have the level of education that this position requires?

Let me provide you with an example: Jane has recently graduated and received a Bachelor Degree in Accounting. She realized that she does not really want to work in accounting. She decides to look at other options and views a really good Sales Position with a top wireless company. The wireless company requires a Bachelor Degree and some sales experience. Jane has worked in various companies with job titles Client Support Agent, Information Assistant and Client Intake. When Jane reviews here resume she realizes she has no sales experience noted in the resume. In thinking about her previous jobs she remembers that at one position she would get a bonus every time a client would purchase a product and her manager trained her to introduce the product to every client. Jane realizes that some of her previous positions did include sales experience. By adding her sales experience, Jane now matched the qualifications required for the Sales Position.

2. Taylor your resume to highlight your strengths
If you are a recent college graduate or have very little work experience your resume should begin with your Objective, then your Education, followed by your languages spoken (if you are bilingual and applying for a bilingual position this is extremely important) and finally your work experience. For this type of career seeker the strength is the education so add it to the top of the resume.

If you are an experienced professional with many years of experience you can change your resume to make sure you highlight your professional experience. Add to your resume your Objective, followed by your work experience, then your education and finally languages spoken and awards and/or merits.

3. Use your objective as an opportunity to ask for the job
Many career seekers do not realize that the objective of your resume is an amazing opportunity to ask for the job! I see so many resumes with objectives that say things like “I want to use my skills to enhance the growth of the company”. To recruiters this means nothing. You just wasted two lines in your resume.

Your objective should clearly ask for the job position. If you are looking for an entry level bilingual sales position with a wireless company your objective should read “I would like to be considered for the Bilingual Sales Position with your company as I am a driven fluent bilingual English-Spanish professional with experience in the wireless sector and have over 4 years of sales experience.” By adding this objective you did the following: you told the recruiter you are bilingual (that was a requirement for the job and good keywords); you told the recruiter you have wireless sector experience (in other words you already know the industry and require less training); and you told the recruiter you have 4 years sales experience (another excellent keyword that matches the job description. Again less training and more qualified).

4. Update your contact information
In today’s social media world many career seekers have social media profiles. You need to add these profiles in your resume. I am not talking about your personal facebook accounts, I mean your professional profiles on social media like linked in accounts. I suggest that your contact resume includes your phone number (have a professional voice message recorded if you are job hunting), your city, state and zipcode, and your linkedIn account. Make sure that the resume you are submitting to employers matches the resume uploaded on LinkedIn.

5. Don’t format your resume
Many career seekers still believe that resumes look better with fancy fonts, color fonts, bullets and other formatting. This was true in the past when employers did not have technology in place to sort out resumes. In today’s labor market, when you format a resume you are simply making it harder for software to capture information correctly. Do not add fancy fonts, color fonts, do not add numbering or bullets to resumes. Simply type in regular black font your resume so that it is easy for you to cut and paste into software.


Aprende a beneficiarte de las Ferias de Empleo en Estados Unidos

Job Fairs

El portal líder de empleos para bilingües, ofrece más de 90 Ferias de Empleos anuales en Estados Unidos. Las Ferias de Empleo son eventos en los que se convocan, por un lado, a empresas que necesitan trabajadores y a personas que buscan trabajo. Esta gran herramienta puede ayudar en tu busca de trabajo.

¿Cuáles son las expectativas equivocadas de una Feria de Empleo?

Muchas personas no ven el beneficio de acudir a una, ya que, piensan, solo se trata de una pérdida de tiempo o de solo entregar a un reclutador el Curriculum Vitae. Otras personas tienen la idea que acudir a una feria de empleo garantiza contratación al momento.

Acudir a una feria de empleo con expectativas equivocadas, solo hará que te sientas frustrado y que descalifiques en adelante a esta herramienta que hace más fácil la tarea de buscar trabajo.

¿Qué hacer en la Feria de Empleo?

  1. Saber a quién te diriges. Ten muy claro cuál es tu perfil laboral y el trabajo que deseas. Si no lo sabes, no tendrás claro que segmento del mercado laboral has de atacar. Por ejemplo, si eres enfermera, de nada te sirve dejar tu CV en una empresa dedicada a comunicaciones. Muchas personas cometen este error. Así, dejan su CV en empresas que no tienen puestos para su especialidad. Esto no sirve de nada. Tienes que atacar solo el segmento de mercado que realmente te corresponde.
  2. Conoce a las empresas. Las ferias son una oportunidad grandiosa para conocer el mercado laboral en tu ciudad. Conoce empresas de las que no habías oído hablar. Te vas a sorprender conociendo nuevas empresas o empresas pequeñas que buscan trabajadores bilingües. No te enfoques en solo empresas grandes.
  3. Comunícate y obtén contactos. Tienes la oportunidad de hacer contactos con todos los reclutadores. Haz preguntas, platicas, preséntate. Se amable cuando te digan que no tienen trabajo para ti. Ofrécele a los reclutadores tu currículo y diles que los compartan con otros reclutadores. Pide teléfonos y correos electrónicos, entérate de los cargos que ocupan. Tú no sabes si en el futuro estos reclutadores hablan con otros y te recomiendan.
  4. Regístrate. La mayoría de las empresas piden que te ingreses o inscribas. Por ejemplo el portal de empleos,, pide que te inscribas en el sitio y registres tu CV. Toma el tiempo de registrarte ya que todos los reclutadores tienen acceso al portal de empleos y tendrán tiempo de mirar tu CV.

En Resumen

Las Ferias de Empleo son un instrumento de vinculación laboral que ahorra tiempo y desplazamiento a reclutadores y candidatos. Las Ferias de Empleo que ofrece el portal de empleos,, te ofrece la oportunidad de conocer personalmente a reclutadores de muchas empresas en tu ciudad. También te ofrece la oportunidad de una búsqueda de trabajo enfocada. Conoce tu mercado laboral, haz contactos y aplica para vacantes de empleos en tu ciudad. Las Ferias de trabajo son gratis para las personas que buscan empleo.